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Instructor - Tascha Parkinson graduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design in 1997. Since then she has worked as an independent artist selling her artwork through such websites as ebay and etsy.
Tascha has also worked in the commercial art industry teaming up with large companies such as DEMDACO in developing artistic giftware. Tascha also has a line of greeting cards that are distributed in gift shops throughout the USA and Canada.

Experimenting with all that watercolor has to offer!

Watercolor isn't what it used to be! In my new class "Watercolors a class in design" I show you the new possibilities in watercolor. In a world of computer generated perfection, I take you on a journey of exploring your creative side using watercolors in a very handmade way. This is a great class for beginners to intermediate students. We delve into this art form and overcome our fears of trying it. There are so many new and exciting ways of using watercolor to create art. Come join us and find out! Each class runs approx. 45 mins.

VIDEO 1: In our first video we familiarize ourselves with watercolor. I teach the basics of mixing colors using the color wheel. We learn about wet on wet painting, wet on dry and adding other mixed media to the artwork.

VIDEO 2: In our second class we experiment with different ways of painting florals in watercolor. Traditional looking flowers as well as more modern styles. I will explain in detail how to achieve a floral border for future projects. (3 projects presented)

VIDEO 3: Video 3 is all about text, lettering and fonts. We explore designing our own lettering to add a message into our paintings.(3 projects presented)

VIDEO 4: In Video 4 we take the old-fashion stuffiness out of watercolor, and go wild! We experiment with abstracts and multimedia to create modern artwork with watercolors.(3 projects presented)

VIDEO 5: Our last video focuses on pen and ink illustration mixed with watercolor. Different ink techniques are discussed to give tone and interest to your drawings before you add color with watercolor. (3 projects presented)

Learning with Tascha

Learning with Tascha is an online art school. I offer a wide range of classes that everyone can enjoy. You will be able to watch the classes at your own pace and come back as many times as you like to re-watch the lessons until the semester is over. I have set up a Facebook group for students to get together and share their work.

What you need:

* A computer or ipad
* High speed internet (these videos are long)
* The ability to play videos on your computer (if you can play youtube videos you will be fine)
* 140lb. watercolor paper
* pencil and white eraser
* pan set of watercolors * watercolor brushes (synthetic round in sizes 3/0 and 6 or larger) * colored pencil crayons * watercolor pencil crayons * opaque white gel pen * black ink waterproof pen (I use Prismacolor Premier Illustration marker in size 03) * frisket masking fluid * an open mind and ready to learn!


CLASS COST - The class is $60.00 SALE PRICE $30.00 for approx. 3 hours and 45 mins of detailed instruction, Downloadable PDF notes. Videos are available throughout the semester to watch as many times as you like, and the PDFs are yours to keep.


To purchase the "Watercolor Design" class, pay via the paypal button at the bottom of this page. When I receive your paypal payment, I will send you an email to confirm I received your payment and a link to the school "Learning with Tascha" and the password to get into the class. Please note, It may take up to 14 hours for your invitation to show up in the email (I have to send it manually and it will depend on when I am able to send it, rest assured you will get it within 14 hours). Be sure to check your spam folder as well. Once you do enter the class the fee is non-refundable. See you there! I will email you to let you know your password has been sent. If you have any questions feel free to reply to the email that I sent you and I will assist you.

Sign Up $60.00 SALE PRICE $30.00

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Access until March 2018


Margherita Arrighi said...

Tascha adoro i tuoi capolavori, sono ispirata solo a guardarli... figuriamoci un tuo corso!!!

Blueberry Blonde said...

Hi, This was a fun class! And I wanted to add the class button here to my blog but I can't ~ got any suggestions?

tascha said...

Hi Blueberry Blonde! I am not sure how to add a button...:( I will look into it!

Blueberry Blonde said...

sounds great, thanks!

Kathy said...

Will you be offering this glass again soon? I very much enjoyed your Modigliani class :)

Anonymous said...

amo le tue opere